How do Bright I's help pupils and teachers?

Through unique cognitive practice.

Reading Mastery Principles of Teaching and Learning

  • With this program, schools benefit from quality first group reading teaching.


  • As this fits with all text types, schools are not out of the budget and all planning for reading sessions are done in advance.


  • Pupils are given key strategies around how to answer a range of questions from all reading domains with the ability to practice responses verbally and practically. 


  • Children will need a separate room or space where discussion can flow freely and they are able to monitor their comprehension aloud.


  • Within the sessions, there are set targets and assessment and instant feedback are an integral part of checking progress.


  • Questioning is based on a Bloom's Taxonomy approach of increasing difficulty intended to fire thinking from basic retrieval all the way to inference and comparisons.


  • The Lead consultant has unique formulas structured around mastery responses gleaned from statutory exemplifications that are guaranteed to improve attainment and empower your most able.


  • Pupils move from cognitive dissonance to resonance and are more resilient readers within at least one term.

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