How does Bright I's help pupils and teachers?

Through research-backed cognitive growth practice.

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Reading Mastery Principles of Teaching and Learning

  • With this program, schools benefit from quality first whole class or group reading teaching.


  • As this fits with all text types, schools are not out of the budget and all planning for reading sessions are done in advance.


  • Pupils are given key strategies around how to metacognitiviely master accessing text while developing deep question-answer relationships in order to demonstrate their comprehension visibly and with greater accuracy.

  • Teaching methodology is structured and systematic in the building up of comprehension skills in order for children to independently apply to all text types.​


  • Questioning of text is based on Bloom's Taxonomy approach adapted for layering cognitive demand in a way that builds confidence and resilience as children are given ample time to practice strategies taught.


  • The Lead consultant has uniquely adapted and original methods to develop children's mastery of text analysis derived both from years of practice in terms of what works as well as well-researched practice internationally.


  • Pupilst aught using the reading mastery principles develop true cognitive resonance and are read with greater enjoyment and understanding within at least one term.

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