Bright I's advocates  Reading for Pleasure

Kala Williams, the director and lead consultant, is passionate about books. As an avid reader, blogger and published author with Bloomsbury Education, she has mastered book talk in a way that creates true reading children unhindered by standards. Bright I's fosters reading for pleasure in educational and social spaces. Kala has worked alongside several Primary schools in the West Midlands to provide internationally researched best practices in establishing quality and enriching book talk that entices children to love reading.

Bright I's Consultation is rigorous and research driven
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The unique approach of ReadMaster is to work on-the-ground in the classroom alongside teachers and children to raise reading comprehension confidence while improving pedagogy. The solutions are not one-off but create lasting positive professional development. Workshops and seminars are always available but to create change ReadMaster believes in sustainable bespoke professional support for impact that lasts. The Mastery resources provided are informed by teachers across the UK. This drives our successes to date.

Why work with Bright I's?

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True improvement of teaching and learning comes from investing in staff knowledge of practice and rich text. Bright I's declutters the Literacy curriculum giving schools a clear and systematic approach for the standards-driven agenda. Planning methods used by Bright I's is time efficient and strategies are thoroughly integrated in training giving teachers tools that work and more significantly building skilled readers and writers from year 2 to year 6. As the home of ReadMaster training and coaching around comprehension is based on every child achieving mastery.